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For more than a decade, Silver Spring has been deploying and operating the Internet of Important Things™. Our networking solutions are deployed on five continents with more than 27.3 million devices delivered, turning information into insights for utilities and cities around the globe. Now we’re creating tools so you can build the next wave of IoT solutions. With Starfish Services, Industrial IoT organizations around the globe can leverage our proven solutions to connect intelligent devices and sensors to address water, energy, food, traffic, transportation and safety issues that impact everyday life.

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Delivering Intelligence to Power The Internet of Important Things

Starfish is a worldwide IoT platform service, providing secure, reliable and scalable network for devices and sensors using a wide variety of standards-based communication protocols. Additionally, the Starfish Platform enables commercial enterprises, cities, utilities, and developers to access the vast amounts of new data being created by these intelligent endpoints, and to create insights from these data that improve efficiencies and quality of life.

No matter the application, Starfish Services provides world-class device and application management and control functions, access to one of the industry’s largest open partner ecosystems, and full service level agreements that meet your needs—now and in the future. Starfish Services allows organizations without experience or expertise in running IoT platforms to successfully develop and deploy IoT solutions.

Fostering Innovation with the Silver Springs Developer Program

At Silver Spring, our global footprint with Utilities and Smart Cities isn’t enough. We want to enable IoT solutions that benefit millions of people in all aspects of their life. The Developer Program provides the tools and environment for developers to leverage a proven IoT-scale platform to create hardware and software solutions to global challenges facing today’s companies, governments, and citizens.

Your ideas are part of that brilliant future. We want to help you bring those ideas to life. Our Developer Program will accelerate development for new solutions for utilities, Smart Cities, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, agriculture and more. Whether you are developing solutions for an existing Silver Spring technology network or for a new Starfish-based deployment, the Developer Program provides an opportunity to develop and test your latest innovations and collaborate with leading IoT technologists. Click Here for information about the Developer Program.

Delivering Performance, Security and Reliability

The Starfish Platform raises the bar on what should be expected from an IoT network by delivering up to 2.4 Mbps in speed, 10 millisecond latency, up to 50 miles in point-to-point range, nearly limitless mesh range, multiple network transports, and industrial-grade security, reliability, and scalability.