Tools For Smart Grid Technologies

Tools Enabling more efficient testing and deployment

A suite of tools that enable customers and solution development partners
to test, provision and troubleshoot intelligent devices

Simple, accurate and affordable testing for electricity meter communications is here with Silver Spring’s electricity meter tools. With our smart grid functionality, you can leverage your existing meter test boards and support multiple barcode scanner options, save test data locally and enable hardcopy printouts and data export. Our Electricity Communications Module Tester software is an easy-to-use tool for testing electricity meters’ smart grid functionality and pairs with the Field Service Unit (FSU) to test communications on the meter NIC, for use in the meter shop prior to installation.

Whether you are in the field or in the lab, our easy-to-use Bridge Configurator tool enables streamlined device provisioning, configuration and troubleshooting for complex distribution automation networks. In-field configuration and inspection of Silver Spring bridges is simple, and our tool supports extensible configurations through script-file augmentation and offers real-time device querying for diagnostics, configuration and statistics. Bridge Configurator aids utility staff during equipment staging by verifying the installation, and it assists IED controller vendors integrating bridges into their enclosures.

The Silver Spring Gas IMU Configurator is a PC-based application that works in conjunction with a Silver Spring Field Service Unit to configure Gas IMUs for field or lab use. The Gas IMU Configurator enables the utility meter shop or gas meter manufacturer to rapidly configure and verify Gas IMU settings in just a few easy steps. Once the operator selects the configuration parameters, it takes just two barcode scans, one button press, and about five seconds to test the Gas IMU’s RF functionality; configure the device; wirelessly communicate the confirmation back to the operator; and log the results. In addition, the Gas IMU Configurator supports firmware upgrades and read verification and provides a partial data file suitable for upload into the Advanced Metering Manager application.