Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Open-Source IoT Network Solution


Silver Spring Networks: The IoT Platform for the Internet of Important Things™

For more than a decade, Silver Spring has delivered a product suite for the most rigorous customers and applications in the world. Our proven networks securely connect more than 27.3 million critical infrastructure devices at 99.9% reliability, across hundreds of thousands of square miles of dramatically varied dense urban and remote rural topographies, in harsh outdoor environments with field lifespans of a dozen years or more. Silver Spring Networks delivers a leading IoT platform for the Internet of Important Things™ that provides a flexible foundation with future-proof capability to support the evolving needs of a smart cities, utilities, and businesses.

Silver Spring achieves this through an open, standards-based IPv6 network that integrates and connects all critical infrastructure, software and services. This open approach guarantees support for multiple, diverse products and ensures seamless interoperability within any environment. With the Silver Spring Networks IoT platform as the foundation, cities, utilities and businesses can easily tailor smart infrastructure solutions to meet their project goals with flexible solutions tailored to your unique service territory, terrain requirements, regulatory model and operational structure.

Above all, the Silver Spring solution suite is designed to help cities, utilities and businesses improve operational efficiencies while providing superior and reliable services. With this unwavering focus, we build and deliver the key technologies that are needed to modernize and connect tomorrow’s critical infrastructure

Why Mesh Networks are the Right Choice for the Internet of Things

  • There are a range of factors to consider when choosing your IoT network solution. Check out the video below to learn more about the advantages of our Wi-SUN mesh solution.

Network Platform

The Network Platform is a suite of intelligent devices for connecting critical infrastructure. Our multi-application network platform lays the foundation for a brilliant and interconnected smart grid and smart city through proven, standards-based solutions that are secure, flexible and reliable. This family of networking products includes endpoint devices such as network interface cards (NICs), interpreters, and interface management units, as well as network equipment such as edge routers, bridges, access points (APs) and relays.

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Control Platform

The Control Platform provides the back office software required to provision, operate and troubleshoot a Sliver Spring network. From network essentials such as security, DNS and traffic routing, to firmware management, network configuration and troubleshooting, the Control Platform simplifies the task of managing a large scale critical infrastructure network.

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Data Platform

The Data Platform is an application enablement solution that ingests, organizes and visualizes data from multiple internal and external systems. The platform provides modern tools to effectively manage the massive data and real-time operational decision response enabled by high-capacity, distributed IoT networks, and support applications developed by Silver Spring, partners, and within your organization.

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Silver Spring Applications

Silver Spring applications include back office software built by Silver Spring that supports a targeted set of applications, purpose built to address the core use cases of our smart utility and smart city customers. These powerful solutions provide actionable intelligence to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making, while providing insights that enable you to improve the efficiency of your operations and customer satisfaction.

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Services support your organization in managing and operating your Silver Spring network. Leverage our experience in critical infrastructure networking through our network and application management options that include Starfish platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), network-as-a-service (NaaS), managed and hybrid models.

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