Smart Grid
Management & Grid Resiliency


Enhance grid reliability and efficiency using the industry’s
highest performance multi-application network

Utility distribution systems are rapidly evolving due to the introduction of new grid connected devices and applications. Distribution system operators need innovative solutions that deliver enhanced visibility and control across complex system topology. Silver Spring’s open standards-based architecture enables your utility to connect the widest variety of intelligent grid devices and DA applications on the industry’s most proven, secure and reliable platform

SilverLink’s multi-application platform empowers utilities with the real-time situational awareness necessary to support a broad range of DA applications. From demanding low-latency applications to the efficient management of thousands of connected, intelligent sensors and grid-edge devices, Silver Spring delivers future proof solutions that improve the performance and reliability of the most advanced distribution networks.

High performance, multi-application network
Plug-and-play, best-of-breed grid devices
Open application ecosystem
  • Application flexibility and choice on the SilverLink App Store
  • Streamlined integration with existing back office systems
Distributed intelligence
  • Distributed intelligence, bandwidth and processing power to enable
    low-latency use cases
  • Support for peer-to-peer communications