Demand Response Program
For Smart Utilities


Demand Side Management is critical to maintaining grid stability and incorporating new sources of energy generation. Silver Spring Networks' continuous two-way communications network overcomes the limitations of legacy Demand Response (DR) technology, giving you innovative new tools to achieve reliable, predictable load reduction while improving cost efficiencies.

Built on top of a single, unified smart grid platform, our proven demand side program management capabilities deliver two-way connectivity, real-time visibility, precise forecasting and greater flexibility. Silver Spring’s DR portfolio offers utilities more ways to engage and empower their customers, grow program participation rates, more precisely manage load, and bid DR assets into markets. We partner with providers of in-home devices such as in-home displays, programmable communicating thermostats, electric vehicle supply equipment and load-control switches. We also partner with software suppliers for applications such as energy efficiency.

The real-time capabilities of the network are key to our Rapid Telemetry Demand Response solution, purpose built to support the needs of utility customers. Rapid Telemetry enables you to monitor the impact of load reductions in real time and utilize DR for ancillary services such as contingency reserves, regulation and load following. DR Telemetry also improves the accuracy of forecasts with high-resolution data on energy consumption and device-connectivity status on a continuous basis.

While most solutions require new hardware to support the integration of distributed energy resources (DER), our Rapid Telemetry solution leverages an open-standards approach and existing assets on the network to enable cost-effective, high-performance DER applications.