Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Customer Education
and Engagement


Citizens are essential partners in successful smart energy and smart city programs. Proactive education is crucial to overcoming barriers to the acceptance of grid modernization and driving engagement in smart city initiatives.

As the leader in the smart energy industry with more than 27.3 million Silver Spring-enabled devices deployed to date, Silver Spring has worked with the leading utility organizations around the world and developed award-winning citizen engagement programs and solutions. We developed the first smart energy curriculum for teenagers, created a parent blogging platform, and forged close partnerships with influencers including environmental organizations and community and religious leaders. These campaigns help our utility customers educate a diverse group of audiences on the importance of energy efficiency, the benefits of smart energy and how it will meaningfully impact their lives. Our dynamic communications toolkit adds value and minimizes potential negative impact by providing tested materials and recommendations to support a comprehensive smart energy communications plan. The toolkit also provides consistent messaging that can be customized for each service territory.

Power Over Energy

Power Over Energy is an energy literacy initiative focused on educating, empowering, and motivating us to make smart decisions about the way we use electricity. Since we launched in 2013, our social media campaign has reached over 100 million consumers and built and engaged a vibrant global community primarily through Facebook. The initiative is backed by a coalition of business, nonprofit, and government organizations united in the desire to increase awareness about the wide-reaching impact of our current energy consumption, the benefits of energy efficiency, and the importance of modernizing the electricity grid. See our latest news and full list of coalition members below.

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Silver Spring Foundation

No matter how good our deeds are, a collective effort always has more impact. That’s why we unveiled a set of programs that guides our actions today and into the future. Called the Silver Spring Foundation, it is another way we reflect our values and our social commitment.

  • Community Grants – This program creates unique opportunities for Silver Spring to engage with our customers, partners and employees to work together towards common goals and with a sense of shared values.
  • Outreach – This program raises awareness of clean energy in developing areas of the world, improving health through integrated renewable energy and reduced dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Green – This program is focused on continuing to improve our work and local environment. From recycling and composting in every break room to ensuring we have fewer disposable items in our kitchens. Larger projects will include green certifying our business and developing measures of our success in reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Community – This program looks to engage employees in scientifically and economically sound activities and programs that work to enhance the global communities in which we live, work, and do business.

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