Silverlink Network Services For Smart Cities

With a decade of proven success, Silver Spring partners with its customers to deliver
reliable, secure and flexible solutions for connecting homes, businesses and communities

Silver Spring Networks delivers the open, standards-based networking platform, software and services used by major utilities and cities worldwide to support multiple smart grid and smart city applications on a single, unified network.

SilverLink Services support your organization in managing and operating your Silver Spring network. We help you to leverage our experience in critical infrastructure networking through our network and application management options that include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), managed and hybrid models.

Continually refined through the collective learning and experiences garnered across global deployments, SilverLink Services has been demonstrated to reduce time to value, minimize deployment risk, and ensure solution success.

Proven at Scale

Unmatched experience in delivery across all critical infrastructure solutions, from multi-million endpoint deployments at leading utilities to the largest networked street lighting projects in the world.

Structured Process

Delivering services through a proven, structured Customer Deployment Process (CDP) with clear ownership. This process and methodology is embedded across our entire customer delivery organization, spanning project planning, operations, accounting, and reporting – driving consistency and alignment.

Embedded Accountability

Providing active executive sponsorship through the Client Delivery Executive (CDE), who is responsible for overall account management, working closely with the Engagement and Project Managers.

Integrating smart software, hardware and network management adds layers of technology and expertise that are new to many organizations. Silver Spring lets you decide to what degree you’ll host and manage the SilverLink Services–depending on your business objectives, the constraints of time and capital, and your staff’s skill sets. With any option, you are in the driver’s seat; Silver Spring will help you achieve your program goals. And no matter how you choose to interact with Silver Spring, your network is efficient, effective, and secure.

  • SilverLink SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

    Silver Spring shoulders the burden of owning and managing SilverLink hardware and software at our facilities, while providing you business-level SLAs; you focus on your core business and get fast implementation, low capital costs and the lowest total cost of ownership. Hybrid SaaS is a perpetual license.

  • SilverLink NaaS (Network-as-a-Service)

    Silver Spring provides an end-to-end and ongoing network service to you, with agreed service levels.

  • Managed Services

    Choose one of Silver Spring’s Managed Services solutions: Levels of support vary with each solution type, so we’ll help you analyze what kind of relationship is best for you. Silver Spring manages the SilverLink Network Platform and SilverLink Control Platform on your behalf with software installed on your hardware in your data center. You own, install and maintain the network.

  • Licensed

    You purchase hardware, software and services from Silver Spring and have greater responsibility for project delivery and the operations of the network.