Advanced Metering Manager

Metering Solutions For Electric, Gas & Water

Utilities worldwide can leverage Silver Spring's Advanced Metering Manager (AMM)
to measure, collect, and analyze electricity, gas and water usage

The application supports ANSI and IEC electricity meters, gas meters, and water meters. Whether you’re a large IOU or a small municipality, AMM automates costly and time-consuming utility processes and manages remote operations for all types of meters.

Leverage the Silver Spring Network Platform to provide new services to customers, including enhanced billing, operations, demand response, marketing, load forecasting and customer service. Configurable, automated schedules collect meter data for further analysis and action while customers get up-to-date information about consumption and expected billing rates through integration with demand response systems and the CustomerIQ™ application, empowering them to manage their own consumption.

Securely accessed through a web interface or by standard web service APIs, Advanced Metering Manager supports secure remote disconnect/reconnect services and transmission of load and price control signals to endpoint devices. And it enables real-time, on-demand meter reads and “pings,” so customer service representatives can offer support for on-demand billing inquiries, transfer of service, and outage/restoration.

  • Intuitive web interface or advanced web APIs allow seamless integration with other mission-critical applications
  • More accurate billing and dramatic reduction in manual meter reads
  • Lower equipment and maintenance costs
  • Securely manage all types of signals to endpoint devices—whether related to outages, peak pricing, connect/disconnect, load control or distribution automation
  • Automated data recovery from temporary power outages
  • Over-the-air configuration of devices, meter programs and firmware upgrades
  • Everything you expect from an enterprise-level application for deployment of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs
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