Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Unlocking actionable insights from your connected devices

The Silver Spring Networks solution suite is designed to help utilities, cities and businesses improve operational efficiencies and enhance the delivery of programs and services

These powerful solutions provide actionable intelligence to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making, while providing insights that enable you to enhance the efficiency of your operations and build customer satisfaction. The Internet of Things applications provide a wide range of benefits to smart cities and utilities, supporting many varied use cases, to provide your organization with the maximum value.

Flexibility and choice are key attributes of Silver Spring Applications, which can be deployed stand alone, together, or in conjunction with our other platforms, such as the Network Platform or Data Platform. Packaging Internet of Things applications with these platforms enables your organization to accelerate integration and deliver ongoing benefits due to our platforms’ ability to unlock high frequency and high granularity data to power advanced analytics.

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Silver Spring Applications

  • Advanced Metering Manager

    Utilities worldwide can leverage Silver Spring’s Advanced Metering Manager (AMM) to measure, collect, and analyze electricity, gas and water usage. Learn More

  • HAN Communications Manager

    Communicating with devices inside the home is a critical aspect of bringing customers onto the smart grid. Learn More

  • Operations Optimizer

    Operations Optimizer is a powerful analytics solution that enables utilities to improve operational efficiency and develop business processes and workflows by leveraging insights from a variety of internal and external data sources. Learn More

  • Outage Detection System

    The Outage Detection System (ODS) leverages the power of the Silver Spring network to gain real-time visibility into outages as they occur. Learn More

  • SLV City Management Platform

    SLV, the latest version of the Streetlight.Vision City Management Platform, enables cities and utilities to command, control and monitor critical devices, operations and systems connected to their smart city networks. Learn More

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