Network Management System


Silver Spring’s network solutions balance the stringent and competing demands
of ubiquitous coverage, high performance and cost efficiency

The Silver Spring Network Platform is a suite of intelligent devices that lay the foundation for a brilliant and interconnected smart grid and smart city through proven, standards-based solutions that are secure, flexible and reliable. This family of networking products includes endpoint devices such as Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Interface Management Units, as well as network equipment such as Edge Routers, Bridges, Access Points (APs) and Relays.


Gen5 technology delivers industry leading performance, unlocking breakthroughs including new applications enabled by distributed intelligence that harness the compute/storage capabilities within millions of NICs across the network. Gen5 also enables simultaneous transmissions on the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz bands to increase capacity and reliability of networks. Gen5 devices dynamically optimize for data throughput, range and battery life to support bandwidth of up to 2.4 Mbps, latency as low as 10 milliseconds and range of more than 50 miles. This generation of technology also extends seamless connection to low power devices with battery life of up to 20 years, enabling new applications for utilities and cities.

With Silver Spring Networks’ NIC, utility operators can remotely upgrade network firmware, reprogram metering parameters and monitor device operations, minimizing the need for field visits. We offer a broad selection integrated solutions for utilities and smart cities, including metering devices and street lights, from a variety of partners to maximize flexibility and vendor choice.

The NIC dynamically optimizes data rates to extend range as dictated by the environment and enables distributed intelligence within the network to support innovative applications and services. The latest generation of this solution, NIC 5, brings these self-forming, self-healing network capabilities already proven at scale to new applications requiring high data throughput and low latency response.

Proven, self-forming, self-healing network capabilities come to a new class of devices with Silver Spring’s Milli 5. Milli 5 removes many of the cost, power and size limitations traditionally associated with small, battery-powered edge devices, unlocking a new era of cost-effective connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).

With multi-layer security, standards compliance and support for IPv6 addressing, sophisticated IoT operators can power a wide range of meters, sensors and monitors for up to 20 years in the field. The economics and small size mean that utilities and cities can now make the business case to reliably connect almost any device on their networks, gaining asset-level communications for equipment such as transformers, light poles and other infrastructure.

The AP is the core network asset for delivering data generated by endpoint devices at the network edge and IT/OT systems—enabling high performance applications, network control and monitoring. Its flexible communication features extend the reach and coverage of the network to thousands of customer sites, and its support for up to 5,000 endpoints per access point dramatically lowers costs.

With proven, multi-layer security, the AP couples secure, reliable performance with open standards-based IPv6 communications. The AP offers multiple paths to each endpoint device through sophisticated mesh network routing that ensures greater reliability and redundancy. The AP also supports integration across multiple carriers to enable automatic WAN failover.

The Silver Spring Relay works with the AP to deliver data generated by endpoint devices at the network edge and IT/OT systems—enabling high performance applications, network control and monitoring. Its flexible communication features extend the reach and coverage of the network. The Relay provides multi-hop capability between Silver Spring-enabled endpoint devices and the AP for seamless network coverage.

The Relay delivers the ubiquitous coverage, high performance and cost efficiency required for effective critical infrastructure application deployments. The Relay ensures maximum overall system performance by dynamically adapting the data rate to optimize information delivery over a long range, even in the most challenging environments. It couples secure, reliable performance with open standards-based IPv6 communications, enabling cities and utilities to cost effectively integrate mission-critical control and monitoring processes. The Relay ensures maximum overall system performance by dynamically adapting the data rate to optimize reliable information delivery over a long range, in even the most challenging environments.

Our MicroAPs and SocketAPs are game-changers for utilities, cities and other customers interested in deployment flexibility. You no longer need to compromise on cost and performance to achieve the flexibility you need. These innovative solutions integrate cellular connectivity with Gen5 RF mesh technology to enable modular deployment of an IPv6 smart grid network canopy, so you can provide coverage for your entire service territory, including isolated or hard-to-reach locations. Flexible scalability means you can easily add customers, regardless of type or location. As the density of the deployment increases, additional MicroAPs and SocketAPs are easily added to ensure redundancy and performance.

The IoT Edge Router provides an easy option for cities to securely connect multiple classes of devices to their existing network infrastructure. A platform to develop new smart city applications, the IoT Edge Router offers cost-effective coverage for additional smart city solutions such as traffic management, signage or environmental sensors. It eliminates costly and single-purpose networks, providing cities with visibility, manageability and insight across all their connected devices from a single system. It enables you to grow your connected devices over time and supports applications including parking, intelligent transportation systems, pedestrian and bicycle counting, and environmental and lighting sensors. Public spaces are now adaptable and dynamically optimized based on traffic or environmental conditions. The IoT Edge Router connects devices from multiple third-party application and sensor partners, empowering you to leverage data to gather insights into the daily operations of your communities.

The Bridge combines the performance, distributed intelligence and rapid integration necessary to address the most demanding critical infrastructure applications. The low latency, high data rate and quality of service address mission-critical control processes while delivering the cost of ownership advantages of a unified network. Extending range while dynamically adapting data rate allows cost effective automation of telemetry and control processes in the most challenging environments. With powerful on-board processing and storage capability, it enables distributed intelligence to transform data into action.