Smart Metering Technology


Choose a communications network with the flexibility to support multiple meter vendors and multiple utility service types. More than 27.3 million critical infrastructure devices worldwide depend on our high-performance networks designed to scale over time.

Silver Spring’s standards-based Network Interface Cards (NIC) integrate with our partners’ electricity, gas and water meters to support remote reads and provide instant automated alerts. Our NIC transforms meters into intelligent grid sensors. By connecting to the utility’s smart grid network, as well as the consumer’s home area network, we enable the highest level of distributed intelligence on the grid and provide immediate and critical data about voltage levels, outage information and demand response event feedback. NICs within battery powered gas and water devices are optimized to maintain the delicate balance of flexible, two-way communications with extended battery life.

We’re committed to giving you the most choice and flexibility in designing, deploying and scaling your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), so we work with a variety of vendors to ensure easy integration of our NICs directly into electricity meters. We provide the key to turning electricity meters into intelligent smart network devices. Working in conjunction with other intelligent devices, the Silver Spring NIC delivers a highly resilient mesh network fabric for two-way wireless communications across the smart grid network—improving service delivery, reliability and efficiency while bringing the utility and customer closer together.

Silver Spring’s Gas Interface Management Unit™ (IMU) lets utilities read gas meters remotely and get instant, automated alerts about device conditions and anomalies. It seamlessly integrates with utilities’ smart grid modernization efforts and delivers fully encrypted two-way communications for natural gas systems. A two-way radio with an integrated gas meter register can be installed on diaphragm, rotary and turbine gas meters. The Gas IMU, which can be remotely configured, allows remote meter reading and provides asynchronous alerts for leaks, meter tampering and other critical events.

Choose a water communications network with the flexibility to support multiple meter vendors and multiple utility service types. Our large ecosystem of interoperable devices enables you to select water meters from partners or to retrofit your existing devices with two-way wireless communications. With a single network to support AMI for water, along with other services and applications, you can reduce IT costs while improving customer service and efficiency. Customers gain greater visibility into water consumption and maintain consistent security with a single interface that supports your intelligent endpoints.