Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Silver Spring Control Platform

Control and manage critical infrastructure
with a comprehensive suite of software products

Maximize performance and reliability with solutions
to manage and troubleshoot your network

The Silver Spring Control Platform provides the back office software required to provision, operate and troubleshoot a Silver Spring network. The Control Platform gives operators the flexibility to determine what data to gather, how often to collect it, and which devices to query, and it supports real-time data gathering to provide immediate insight into events.

From network essentials such as security, domain name system (DNS) and traffic routing, to firmware management, network configuration and troubleshooting, the Control Platform simplifies the task of managing a large-scale critical infrastructure network.

Command-and-Control Software to Full Lifecycle Management
of Massive Distributed Networks

Products in this application suite provide operators the necessary tools to configure, upgrade and manage a critical infrastructure network. The Network Center network management system enables operators to manage Silver Spring network devices. It also provides advanced capabilities for fault and performance management, and APIs for provisioning and managing third party devices in the network.

SensorIQ, a back-office application for data collection and delivery, unlocks real-time and granular data from a range of endpoint devices on the network. SensorIQ configures devices for data collection without requiring changes to the endpoint’s programming, supporting a wide range of analytics and event response. This application enables utilities to monitor voltage sags/swells to determine grid efficiency, track and resolve excessive meter temperatures, collect instantaneous power consumption for load disaggregation, track energy and device status to validate demand response events, forecast loads through usage data, and monitor current and power factor.

The Control Platform also enables specific utility-focused operations. For example, GridScape Network Manager provides centralized management of the utility distribution automation network enabling features such as IPV4 addressing and peer-to-peer communications. GridScape supports out-of-band and in-band management for polling, event management, diagnostics, real-time visualization, auditing, and security measures. Providing operators with centralized tools for configuration and maintenance enables increased awareness and better decision making, which increases network reliability and performance while minimizing truck rolls. Operators can receive an aggregated health check across the full network, focusing on certain segments of the network as needed. All polling statistics are archived in the embedded GridScape database, so the operator can search historical statistics and view data displayed graphically, in tables, or exported into other systems for analysis.

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