Network Solution for IoT

Reliably and Securely Connecting Things that Matter

Silver Spring delivers a powerful and comprehensive suite
of Internet of Things networking solutions for critical infrastructure

Leading cities and utilities worldwide have chosen SilverLink as the foundation for their smart city and smart grid networks, empowering them with advanced and efficient solutions for smart electricity, gas, water and city services available today.

Our open, standards-based IPv6 network enables comprehensive connectivity and control across a unified smart city or smart utility network. This open approach guarantees support for multiple, diverse devices and applications, ensuring seamless interoperability within any environment. With SilverLink, cities and utilities can easily tailor and scale smart electricity, gas and water solutions to meet their project goals. With more than 26 million Silver Spring enabled devices delivered, our flexible solutions are proven to deliver powerful, efficient, and reliable performance customized for your unique service territory, terrain requirements, regulatory model and operational structure.

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  • With more than 26.7 million Silver Spring enabled devices delivered worldwide,
    SilverLink delivers a reliable, secure and flexible multi-application solution