Lessons Learned From Converged Networks

Posted by on October 24, 2014

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how utilities are leveraging the multi-application Silver Spring network to help combat outages caused by severe weather, distributed generation and regulatory imperatives. Next week, we will be hosting a customer event in Chicago to highlight how Florida Power and Light (FPL) and several other Silver Spring customers are already achieving grid reliability goals.

One of these Silver Spring customers is ComEd. ComEd serves the greater Chicago metropolitan area and northern Illinois – and has delivered improved results from its Distribution Automation (DA) initiatives. Earlier this year ComEd published their latest progress report, which included key highlights related to grid reliability including:

  • 30% year to year improvement in power restoration time following storm related outages
  • 500,000 outages avoided throughout 2012-13, resulting in $82 million in customer savings

ComEd has proactively adopted Silver Spring’s multi-application network, systematically increasing grid reliability while managing costs effectively. ComEd has deployed Silver Spring Bridges in a wide variety of grid devices including capacitor bank controllers, reclosers and automated feeder switches from ecosystem partners such as ABB, Cooper and S&C.  Each grid device contains an embedded Bridge providing communications to the ComEd SCADA system using DNP3 over IPv6. Common IT/OT system integration, security and network monitoring delivers the agility to solve problems rapidly while leveraging open standards and a broad partner ecosystem of DA devices.

ComEd has demonstrated the value of the smart grid and Silver Spring’s multi-application DA network to systematically increase grid reliability. They have also built confidence with their customers and regulators that they are ready for the next wave of severe weather, which is important as they approach another winter season.

We’ll share more from our Silver Spring Connections event next week, but in the meantime, you can learn more about Silver Spring’s grid management/DA solutions and get your own grid modernization initiative into action.

Matt Smith is the Senior Director of Utility Solutions for Silver Spring Networks