SCEWC Highlights Smart City Leadership as Silver Spring Advocates for Open Standards, Showcases Channel Momentum and Expands International Community of Developers

Posted by on November 16, 2017

Industries worldwide are looking for ways to make a difference in the communities they serve by investing in innovative IoT solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce environmental impact, and improve quality of service. For more than a decade, Silver Spring Networks has been addressing some of the toughest IoT challenges on earth by helping leading cities, utilities, and enterprises conserve resources and improve the everyday lives of citizens.

This week, we are excited to be in Barcelona at Smart City Expo, where we have made several announcements that highlight Silver Spring’s leadership in the smart city and growing IoT space. We are continuing our momentum as a leading provider of open standards-based smart city solutions, announcing that our Streetlight.Vision platform has been TALQ-certified. As one of three companies globally that have achieved this certification, more than 500 cities in 16 countries that we work with are now just a software upgrade away from becoming TALQ compliant.

Furthermore, we also showcased our go-to-market partnership momentum, announcing the expansion of our relationship with Rongwen, one of the largest smart LED street light providers and operators in China. This accelerated adoption of our solution provides developers with a massive opportunity to achieve growth and profitability with leading cities in China and beyond.

We’re also excited to launch the Silver Spring Developer Program in Europe and in the Middle East. After launching the program last May here in the US, we’ve been thrilled with the developer community’s reaction. We now have more than 60 developers actively working to create new IoT devices, using our Milli™ 5 HDK and the IoT Edge Router, Dev Edition in the agriculture, oil and gas, utility, and city verticals. Some examples include:

  • Irrigation Control: Individual probes communicate with one other and the irrigation systems fine-tune the water flow for irrigation in vineyards and fields
  • Hazardous Gas Detection: Sensors communicate with one other and valve controllers to quickly identify leaks and immediately shut off gas to mitigate risk and improve public safety.
  • Dynamic Street Lights: Motion sensors detect oncoming traffic and coordinate with nearby traffic lights using peer-to-peer communications to control ambient light and traffic flow.
  • Site Monitoring: Smart locks collaborate with surveillance cameras and use video analytics to detect intrusions and protect high security premises.
  • Environmental Sensing: Connected seismometers work with alert and early warning systems for earthquake prediction. Connected sensors for measuring air quality, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and flooding help coordinate emergency services.

Figure 1 IoT Edge Router Dev Edition

Figure 2 Milli™ 5 HDK


And this is just the beginning. Our hope is that the continued expansion of our Developer Program into new regions will help spark newer and bigger ideas enabled by expanding the community of solution providers looking to transform some of the most important industries on the planet.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Developer program, click here.