TALQ Elects Silver Spring’s Simon Dunkley as Secretary General, Endorses Protocol Expansion to Smart Cities and IoT

Posted by on February 28, 2017

We are excited to announce that Silver Spring Networks’ UK Solutions Architecture Director Simon Dunkley has been named as the new TALQ Secretary General. The TALQ Consortium, which has developed a global standard for outdoor lighting networks, appointed Dunkley during its General Assembly in Paris earlier this month. Dunkley, who holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, has worked to develop standards across various lighting and radio domains including CEPT, ETSI and TALQ. He is also a committee member of the Low Power Wireless Radio Association.

Since our inception, standards have been an integral part of Silver Spring’s DNA. For more than a decade, we have been developing and deploying standards-based communications for the Internet of Important Things™. We also work with various industry consortia and alliances to advance globally accepted standards to connect devices that matter, delivering more than 25.5 enabled devices.

With Dunkley at the helm, the TALQ Consortium will be finalizing its certification capabilities to release its first accredited street lighting products in 2017, and also endorsing the program to extend the TALQ protocol into smart city applications. For more information on Dunkley and TALQ’s plans to expand its protocol into new areas, please click here.