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About TechnoWise

The TechnoWise Group, Inc. is an innovative company providing state of the art energy conservation solutions for industrial and residential/commercial applications. With its dedicated staff of engineering talent and committed investor base, The TechnoWise Group, Inc. has developed a robust platform of energy saving devices and an important Intellectual Property portfolio.

The TechnoWise Group, Inc. has designed, developed and extensively field tested a series of environmentally aware uni-, bi- and tri- phase electrical energy savings solutions intended for worldwide deployment. The company’s product portfolio include Smart Grid Voltage Optimization solutions as well as AC Motors Controllers. By conserving energy, these solutions lower operating costs, extend the useful life of electric appliances and devices and reduce carbon emissions.

Led by a strong management team and coupled with its world class engineering talents, The TechnoWise Group has transformed recent advances in semi-conductor integrated circuits into innovative energy savings solutions alleviating the never ending need to conserve energy and protect the environment.

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