Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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About SmartNodes

SmartNodes is a technology company specialized in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative dynamic outdoor lighting solutions and public spaces solutions. “Light where and when needed, at the right level”. Maximal energy savings are achieved while maintaining the same quality of light and the same level of security as the usual static lighting infrastructure. SmartNodes is a new real time intelligent management model for street lighting.

SmartNodes supports Smart Cities solutions by integrating environmental and parking low power sensors in public lighting networks. Already available at any place, the street lighting network becomes the driving force behind the development of Smart City networks. For maintenance purpose or reprogramming, network remote control is possible through Central Management Software interface. Luminaires status, power consumption, traffic statistics, sensors data are also easily transferable and monitored on the cloud. SmartNodes distributes its products to the attention of the authorities but also the private sector.

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