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Power Systems Integrity

Smart Grid Automation Solutions

About Power Systems Integrity

Power Systems Integrity, Inc. (PSI) is an industry leader in advanced automation systems. PSI’s products reliably perform remote data delivery for monitoring and control of electric power systems at a significantly lower cost than other methods available to date.

PSI has established products in the following areas:

  • Live Line Phase Identification
  • Dead Line Phase Identification
  • Fault Detection Automation and Monitor
  • Capacitor Control Automation and Monitoring
  • Capacitor Bank Automation and Monitoring
  • Transformer Control Automation and Monitoring
  • Secondary Network Monitoring
  • Demand Response

PSI has the expertise needed to meet the strong technical and economic challenges that define electric utilities applications today and in the future. The company’s products are modular, scalable and require limited re-engineering to repackage products to meet customers evolving needs.

PSI product solutions offer low cost with ease of installation and typically require no outages. The products are well suited to both medium voltage overhead (<69kV) and low voltage (<600 volts) distribution systems. PSI has expertise with multiple communication architectures including:

  • Wireless
  • Power Line Carrier
  • Telephone
  • Fiber Optic
  • Satellite communications

PSI enables enterprise wide automation by providing robust low cost sensor and optimized communication systems that cover wide geographic regions. These products were designed to address the needs of the aging power distribution infrastructure, and to enable power utilities to selectively monitor the infrastructure and provide timely and selective condition based maintenance and/or to consider replacement strategies prior to failure (power outages) within the infrastructure. The result is an enterprise wide automation system capable of asset and data management that yields optimized operations and maintenance.

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