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Nari Technology

Distribution Grid Support

About Nari Technology

Nari Technology Co, LTD NARI Group Corporation is the largest whole set supplier of electric power equipment in China and is an active player in the global power industry. NARI is dedicated to providing technologies, products, services and total solutions for customers in other fields like industrial control, energy, and railway transportation.

Many years of vigorous efforts have brought NARI to be a world-class industrial group with over 20,000 engineers and technicians; achieving revenue over USD 5.7 billion by the end of 2014. With its headquarters located in Nanjing, China, NARI owns 36 branch companies and subsidiaries covering power system security and stability control, power grid automation, relay protection and power electronics, transmission and transformation equipment, power distribution and consumption management, information and communication technology (ICT), renewable energy, water conservancy and hydropower and industrial control.

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