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LightSmart Energy


About LightSmart Energy

LightSmart Energy Consulting, LLC is a family and veteran owned and operated business based in North Carolina with over 20 years of experience in the energy sector specializing in municipal traffic signals and street lighting. Our mission is to empower communities to take advantage of new lighting and intelligent control technologies that simplify asset management, increase flexibility, and create opportunities for expanded capabilities while reducing both operating and maintenance costs. LightSmart accomplishes this by representing community interests as an expert witness in utility rate and tariff cases and by providing communities the education, expertise, and assistance they need with energy related matters. Our services include:

  • street light acquisition
  • street lighting designs
  • street light upgrades
  • intelligent street lighting systems
  • GIS field audits for community lighting
  • traffic signal conversions
  • energy conservation planning
  • energy audits
  • project financing
  • energy supply contracts

LightSmart’s comprehensive approach to this business is dedicated to collaboration with community stakeholders, utilities, lighting distributors, as well as conversion and maintenance contractors.

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