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iUS Technologies

Smart Utility Systems

About iUS Technologies

Although iUS Technologies is a new presence in the US market, the company arrived with a long history of technical excellence and financial stability. The company has inherited core competencies in utility product development and system integration from its parent company, Vitzro Group.

Vitzro Group has provided superior technology to Asia since 1955 and has a well deserved reputation for innovation, dedication to quality control, and customer satisfaction. iUS Technologies seeks to earn that same positive reputation in the United States.

iUS Technologies operates within the Vitzrosys division of the Vitzro Group and thus has full access to all the product development resources of a large, competent company committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction via technical innovation and adherence to industry standards for interoperability and quality assurance.

The Vitzrosys manufacturing facilities renewed their ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification in 2010. At iUS Technologies’ new manufacturing facilities in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, the company will continue its commitment to achieving the same high levels of certified quality assurance and environmental management.

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