Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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UK Power Networks

Assisting Electric Power Distribution In The UK

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UK Power Networks, the electricity distribution network operator serving London, the South East and East of England, chose Silver Spring Networks’ SilverLink Network platform to support its Flexible Plug and Play project. With Silver Spring’s unified IPv6-based infrastructure, UK Power Networks has a secure, next generation network to provide centralised system management, support advanced metering and ensure interoperability with third-party devices. The cost-effective mesh network, with powerful two-way communications, increases visibility and control, while enabling UK Power Networks to more easily integrate renewable energy, such as wind and solar, onto its grid.

Developed for the Flexible Plug and Play project, Silver Spring Networks IP-based platform can allow: interoperability, scalability, robustness, and repeatability.
Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Flexible Plug and Play Project Director