Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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SLV Smart City Management Platform

Silver Spring IoT App Store

SLV is the only multi-application smart city management platform designed with an open architecture, providing users with capability to control a vast ecosystem of smart city devices from best-in-class manufacturers, including street light controllers, electric vehicle charging stations, pollution sensors, traffic cameras, parking space detection and more. SLV collects real-time operational data from devices across the network and enables third party applications and widgets that help cities and utilities save money and increase control over their smart city assets.

Product Features:

  • Cloud-based central management system optimized for maximum scalability
  • Advanced asset management functionality to create, import, export and modify device groups
  • Data analytics to identify and anticipate possible faults and device failures
  • Configurable desktop user interface for simplified deployment of smart city apps and widgets
  • Adaptive user interface supports mobile devices such as tablets for simple and convenient use in the field
  • Secure multi-tenancy provides configurable access and control and allows cities and utilities to leverage a common platform to manage distinct functional groups across their operations
  • Northbound Web Service API enables streamlined integration with existing business processes and work order management systems
  • Southbound Web Services API provides device manufacturers with streamlined integration to the SLV control platform


  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency of maintenance teams
  • Reduce and monitor energy spending on street light networks
  • Enable integration with any smart city device
  • Enable third party software developers to develop their own Apps and Widgets to add functionality to the SLV City Management Platform
  • Improve visibility and control across multiple organizations and functional groups
  • Enhance delivery of core citizen services such as street lighting, parking and traffic control