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Power Outage Detection System

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The Outage Detection System (ODS) leverages the power of the Silver Spring network to gain real-time visibility into outages as they occur. The standards-based ODS solution uses CIM-compliant data interfaces to streamline integration of the AMI and outage management systems (OMS), which reduces implementation cost and enhances return on investment. The OMS can query ODS for specific information, such as the restoration status of affected meters and performs real-time, complex event filtering to ensure that only relevant actionable data is forwarded to the OMS. ODS provides utility customers with powerful workflow management tools that enable them to develop custom processes and automations, which accelerates outage detection and service restoration.

Product Features

  • Rapid identification of outages—even throughout automated switching activities
  • Filtering of outage data stemming from routine meter maintenance/removal, planned outages and momentary outages
  • Easily configurable filtering logic to suit OMS data input requirements
  • Fully accurate restoration status and on-demand verification of individual customer service
  • Tightly coupled with SilverLink Applications and easily integrated with Outage Management Systems to reduce deployment costs


  • Identify outages before customers call
  • Better scope extent of outages
  • Identify nested outages before field crews leave an area