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Operations Optimizer: Revenue Assurance

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Minimizing electricity losses is a significant challenge for utilities, but it also presents a massive opportunity for savings. Revenue assurance is now more accurate, faster and more efficient than ever before with the Operations Optimizer Revenue Assurance module.

Operations Optimizer: Revenue Assurance is a proven solution for identifying failed, tampered, or bypassed meters and other sources of non-technical loss. It includes a bundle of pre-built use cases that analyze feeder imbalances and detect potential cases of tampered or bypassed meters and supports residential and commercial accounts using AMI, AMR, or monthly billing data. It also provides workflow management, field investigation and billing capacities.

Operations Optimizer is a powerful analytics application that enables utilities and cities to generate insights and develop workflow processes that improve operational efficiency. Operations Optimizer’s unique architecture enables streamlined connectivity with a variety of internal and external data sources, including the SilverLink Data Platform, which reduces the cost and complexity of implementing analytics use cases. The solution’s modules—AMI Operations, Customer Programs, Grid Operations and Revenue Assurance—support a variety of pre-built use cases and provide flexibility to configure new analytics workflows to support future needs.

Operations Optimizer analyzes data from more than 30 million water, gas, and electricity meters, in both AMI and legacy environments, at more than 20 leading utilities.


  • Detects failed, failing, tampered or bypassed meters.
  • Supports residential and commercial, all utility services and all metering intervals.
  • More than 100 analytics methods implemented and refined over ten years leveraging data from more than 30 million endpoints.
  • Closed-loop system uses machine learning technology to fine tune analytical methods based on field results.
  • Configurable role-based dashboards provide users with critical information, access, actions and workflows necessary to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.
  • Advanced tools to rank, prioritize and filter cases based on probability.
  • Score-based algorithms rank events/cases to help investigators prioritize cases and automate workflows.


  • Improves theft detection using your existing AMI infrastructure.
  • Identifies and rectifies unsafe field conditions.
  • Success rate of up to 99% using AMI data.
  • Rapid time-to-value from fully integrated solution and streamlined implementation of proven Revenue Assurance use cases.
  • Reduces investigation costs by prioritizing recoverable cases and automatically taking actions on high probability accounts.
  • Provides actionable insights and improved workflow management through user-friendly role-based dashboards.
  • Future-proofed solution leverages modern, Big Data technologies for real-time operational decision response.
  • Delivered as a service, requiring no new software, hardware or equipment.