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Operations Optimizer: AMI Operations

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Planning, deploying, monitoring and maintaining large-scale AMI networks can be costly and complicated for utilities, involving multiple business units, workflows and back office systems. Operations Optimizer’s AMI Operations application module provides comprehensive tools to help utilities manage the full lifecycle of AMI device networks. AMI operations groups can leverage pre-built use cases to proactively address challenges to AMI deployment, such as high bill conditions and improper configurations, while also ensuring smooth deployment execution.

Operations Optimizer: AMI Operations delivers ongoing value to support post-deployment operations with advanced tools for identifying failing devices and managing network performance.

Operations Optimizer is a powerful analytics application that enables utilities and cities to generate insights and develop workflow processes that improve operational efficiency. Operations Optimizer’s unique architecture enables streamlined connectivity with a variety of internal and external data sources, including the SilverLink Data Platform, which reduces the cost and complexity of implementing analytics use cases. The solution’s modules—AMI Operations, Customer Programs, Grid Operations and Revenue Assurance—support a variety of pre-built use cases and provide flexibility to configure new analytics workflows to support future needs.

Operations Optimizer analyzes data from more than 30 million water, gas, and electricity meters, in both AMI and legacy environments, at more than 20 leading utilities.


  • Predicts potential refusal accounts by identifying high bill conditions to proactively address customer concerns.
  • Validates first meter read and first bills.
  • Pinpoints AMI device failures, hop count irregularities, unreachable meters and high-temperature meter trends before they reach a critical state.
  • Detects and diagnoses meter data collection and delivery irregularities.
  • Generates immediate email alerts when meters report very high temperatures.
  • Predicts hot sockets by correlating temperature increases with load.
  • Identifies troubled network devices to ensure overall network performance.
  • Uses machine learning and historical data to ignore false positives.
  • Configurable role-based dashboards provide users with critical information, access, actions and workflows necessary to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.
  • Advanced tools to rank, prioritize and filter cases based on probability.
  • Score-based algorithms rank events/cases to help users prioritize and automate workflows.


  • Simplifies AMI device deployment and troubleshooting.
  • Improves customer experience during deployment through proactive management.
  • Reduces the cost and risk of device failures through early detection.
  • Enables intelligent asset management using your existing AMI infrastructure.
  • Ensures the highest level of AMI network performance.
  • Requires no new equipment or changes in consumer behavior.
  • Presents actionable insights in user-friendly histograms with easily customized settings.
  • Delivered as a service, requiring no new software or hardware.