Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks

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Gridium Snapmeter

Network Diagnostics Applications

Bite-sized diagnostics delivered directly to building engineers to help you get more savings out of the equipment you already have.

About Gridium

Founded in 2011, Gridium creates software tools for building operators to lower energy costs, coordinate vendors, and delight tenants, and for utilities to help them engage their customers with insight from their smart meter data. Gridium’s cloud-based big data analytics platform can process hundreds of thousands of smart meter data streams every day, while building operators can benefit from the latest software technology without installing any hardware on site. Learn More

An energy price tag: You think in kilowatt-hours, but your boss thinks in dollars and cents. Snapmeter includes a rate engine that models your utility tariff with incredible accuracy, so that every energy use figure carries a meaningful price tag.


Your workbench: Got an idea to reduce electricity costs? Run an experiment and use Snapmeter for next-day feedback, with noise from weather stripped out automatically.

Great workflow: Tools only work if they work for you. Snapmeter delivers the targeted information you need directly to your email inbox.