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Gridium Billcast

Energy Billing Data Organization Application

Billcast organizes your historical billing data and gives you instant access to key indicators such as year-on-year spend. But it does so much more than that. Customers love Billcast for the way it transforms three key utility bill management processes.

About Gridium

Founded in 2011, Gridium creates software tools for building operators to lower energy costs, coordinate vendors, and delight tenants, and for utilities to help them engage their customers with insight from their smart meter data. Gridium’s cloud-based big data analytics platform can process hundreds of thousands of smart meter data streams every day, while building operators can benefit from the latest software technology without installing any hardware on site. Learn More

Building drift reporting: It’s important to know how much of your cost variance is driven by operational changes, but it’s even better to know what specific issues are driving your spend. Drift reporting shows you exactly how your building’s energy use profile has changed on a minute-by-minute basis, so you can focus your efforts where they will count.


No more manual bill entry: Billcast retrieves historical energy use and billing information from your utility, sparing you a huge data entry headache.

One-click data downloads: Easily download all bills, projections, and budget variances so you can plug them into your financial planning tools and respond quickly to information requests from owners and tenants.