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Bidgely Homebeat
Web & Mobile

A Customer Engagement Application

The HomeBeat App is built on Bidgely’s HomeBeat energy disaggregation platform. Using either low or high resolution data, Bidgely positively identifies and tracks the major appliances in the home – including air-conditioning, electric heating, pool pumps, refrigerators, electric water heaters – to provide consumers with personalized tips for saving energy and money. Consumers that use HomeBeat App form new energy habits that lead to increased satisfaction with their utility, monthly savings on their energy bill, and an ability to engage with their energy use like never before.

About Bidgely

Bidgely brings a fresh approach to engaging customers using the right fundamentals – personalized, contextual, timely information delivered through a mobile-first approach – that help drive high program participation and customer satisfaction, and put energy top-of-mind. This approach enables utilities to meet their goals while retaining customers in the face of alternatives to grid supplied power. Learn More

Cost Projection

Manage the monthly budget and act to save before the billing cycle ends.

Push Notifications & Emails

Eliminate the burden of seeking information. Instead events within the home trigger notifications to bring valuable energy insights to the consumer as they occur, when they matter most.

Personalized Tips & Recommendations

Take the guesswork of figuring out how to save money with either the best of the web or utility curated insights delivered straight to the consumer – specific to the appliance.

Usage & Appliance Tracking

Customers demystify their energy bill by knowing everyday usage by cost and consumption at the appliance level (e.g., pool pumps, heating, cooling, baseload).