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Bidgely HomeBeat Marketer

A Demand Response Application

HomeBeat Marketer enables Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response (DR), and other marketing and outreach groups inside the utility to precisely segment and target residential participants for EE, DR, and other incentive programs. HomeBeat Marketer leverages Bidgely’s disaggregation platform to segment the customer population at a macro- and micro- level, even to the use of a particular class of appliance. In so doing, HomeBeat Marketer can increase the take-up rate of utility programs to save considerable dollar-spend in marketing and solicitation costs while improving customer satisfaction through decreased instances of improperly targeted programs.

About Bidgely

Bidgely brings a fresh approach to engaging customers using the right fundamentals – personalized, contextual, timely information delivered through a mobile-first approach – that help drive high program participation and customer satisfaction, and put energy top-of-mind. This approach enables utilities to meet their goals while retaining customers in the face of alternatives to grid supplied power. Learn More

Energy Efficiency Segmentation by Season and Appliance

Eliminates program waste by identifying inefficient users by appliance type and seasons.


Demand Response Segmentation by Season, Appliance and Time-of-Use

Enables focused DR targeting based on seasonal use, specific appliance consumption, geography and time-of-use. Increases uptake rates by targeting only homeowners actively using appliances meeting efficiency/usage criteria without the use of surveys or customer actions.