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Bidgely HomeBeat

Agent Customer Service Tools

HomeBeat Agent helps customer service representatives (CSRs) respond quickly and effectively to the most common inbound customer questions and concerns related to a customer’s electricity usage, specifically, “Why is my bill so high?” It allows utilities to improve customer satisfaction through educating customers about how they use energy throughout the day and what appliances contribute the most to their monthly bill. Using HomeBeatAgent, CSRs can positively identify increased usage during peak, the impact (by appliance) of increased Hot or Cold days throughout the month, key increases in energy costs for the top consuming appliances, and energy trends by day and time throughout the month. This helps consumers understand how their use has impacted their bill, provides an opportunity to onboard offline customers, and allows CSRs to enroll consumers in helpful programs.

About Bidgely

Bidgely brings a fresh approach to engaging customers using the right fundamentals – personalized, contextual, timely information delivered through a mobile-first approach – that help drive high program participation and customer satisfaction, and put energy top-of-mind. This approach enables utilities to meet their goals while retaining customers in the face of alternatives to grid supplied power. Learn More

Month Comparison

Compares any two months to show consumers correlations between usage and cost.

Peak/Tier Usage Tracking

For time of use customers, shows monthly changes in peak usage and the cost impact on the bill indicating a shift in usage behavior by the consumer.

Hot/Cold Day Tracking

Graphically correlates weather by showing particularly hot or cold days month over month to explain increased air-conditioning or heating use.

Appliance Tracking

Highlights the three highest use appliances by trend to show CSRs and consumers which appliances increased in usage to drive the high bill.

Hour and Day Comparison

Highlights which hours of the day (averaged over the cycle) and which days of the month showed a marked increase in use to help users remember activities that impacted their bill.