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Bidgely HomeBeat ActionDR

A Residential Demand Response Program

ActionDR brings demand and peak shift programs to a more personal, understandable level for consumers. ActionDR leverages disaggregation to show consumers exactly where they can cut energy use during demand events and the cost benefit of doing so. The product also uses real-time in-event messaging to inform participants as to how they are doing compared to target and the overall program and once the event has concluded, provides the valuable context of how they’ve done and how all participants have performed. The level of immediacy of ActionDR ensures high participation and satisfaction amongst participants and increases future program traction.

About Bidgely

Bidgely brings a fresh approach to engaging customers using the right fundamentals – personalized, contextual, timely information delivered through a mobile-first approach – that help drive high program participation and customer satisfaction, and put energy top-of-mind. This approach enables utilities to meet their goals while retaining customers in the face of alternatives to grid supplied power. Learn More

In-App Push Notifications

Meets users expectations for communications via the device that they carry 24/7.

Appliance Specific Insights

Eliminates the guesswork by consumers to determine how to participate by telling them exactly which appliances to focus on and what action to take.


Real-time, In-Event Updates

Keeps consumers engaged, interested, and aware during an event to provide both further context and performance updates to allow them to make adjustments to meet their goals.

Immediate Feedback

Providing performance summary immediately post event ensures that consumers engage with their performance and motivates them for future participation.