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Cutting edge analytics and application software. Built by Silver Spring and our partners.

Customer Care & Outreach Applications

Save money on operations through automation, program management, prepay and customer marketing tools.

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Customer Engagement & Energy Usage Applications

Present near-real time usage and itemized bills to customers with personalized, targeted and accurate tips and budgeting tools.

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Demand-Side Management

Provide customers better ways to manage energy use and increase participation in efficiency, demand response and variable pricing programs.

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Smart Grid Management Applications

Improve utility operations with tools to manage assets, outages, losses, loads and power quality.

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Network Management System & Testing Applications

Optimize network operations with solutions to provision, test, manage and troubleshoot network devices.

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Smart Cities & Smart Street Light Applications

Improve city services and public safety with solutions for street lights, parking, traffic and environmental monitoring.

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SilverLink IoT Applications

Cutting edge analytics and application software built by Silver Spring.

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Partner Applications

Cutting edge analytics and application software built by our partners.

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