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Recognized as a technology leader

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Proven at scale by the most demanding customers on Earth.

At Silver Spring, we cut our teeth on enabling the Internet of Things by solving some of the toughest IoT challenges in the world. For more than a decade, our networking and data platform has been proven at scale in often inhospitable environments that would disqualify most IoT solutions. Again and again, we’ve shown that enabling the Internet of Important Things requires experience, ingenuity, and a dedication to ensuring that networks of critical IoT devices operate securely and reliably, no matter what.

Our field-proven solutions for critical infrastructure in Smart Cities, smart utilities are connected devices and enterprises that can be deployed in both public and private network environments, and are supported by our vast ecosystem of partners and developers. With Silver Spring, you’ll get the most durable and trusted network for IoT – proven at scale by the most demanding customers on Earth.

Support for Implementation and Management
from Experienced Smart Infrastructure Engineers

  • Implementation

    Planning and support for how to practically begin the transformation into a true smart city or smart utility.

  • Software

    Innovating software for utilities and cities to manage smart grid and smart city applications and leverage our network to improve our communities.


  • Large Partner Network Enables Flexibility and Choice

    Delivering solutions that add value and efficiency to utilities and cities through a vibrant partner ecosystem.

  • Maintenance

    Providing technical support and maintenance to manage your day-to-day business.

  • Services

    Providing customizable levels of services that are best for your city or utility.

  • Security

    Ensuring trust and safety with multi-layer protection and continuous security monitoring.

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