Silverlink Data Platform

The Solution For Managing Device Data
And Powering An Open Ecosystem Of IoT Applications

Modern tools help you effectively manage the massive data
and real-time operations enabled by high-capacity, distributed IoT networks

The SilverLink Data Platform is an application enablement solution that ingests, organizes and visualizes data from multiple internal and external systems. The platform provides modern tools to effectively manage the massive amount of data generated by high-capacity, distributed IoT networks. It enables real-time decision making and supports applications developed by Silver Spring, partners and within your organization.

The SilverLink Data Platform enables an open ecosystem of applications. The platform automatically ingests real-time and historical device data, normalizes and enriches the data, and makes it secure and accessible to utilities and third parties through standard APIs. The platform also enables utilities to manage API keys, access to data, and data-usage analytics.

  • With more than 24 million Silver Spring-enabled devices worldwide,
    SilverLink delivers a reliable, secure and flexible multi-application solution

The Data Platform's components include:

  • archive-icon

    Data Archive

    Enables long-term retention of data. Longer data history supports deeper analysis, new use-cases and analytics.


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    Data Visualization

    Custom data visualizations through native integration with Tableau, and support for other business intelligence tools.


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    Standard APIs

    APIs for utilities and third parties to connect applications with data, including event and read data as well as device type and location.

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    Streaming API

    Enables streaming of data to applications to support real-time use-cases.


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