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Smart Infrastructure Solutions, Services and Support
The Silver Spring® Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform

Silver Spring Networks delivers a powerful and comprehensive suite of critical infrastructure networking solutions. Leading utilities and cities in the U.S. and worldwide have chosen the Silver Spring® Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform as the foundation for their smart grid and smart city networks, enabling them to give their customers the most advanced and planet-friendly smart electricity, gas and water programs, services and products available today.

Smart Grid Platform Standards-Based IPv6 Network

Silver Spring achieves this through an open, standards-based IPv6 network that integrates and connects all of a utility’s or city’s infrastructure, software and services. This open approach guarantees support for multiple, diverse products and ensures seamless interoperability within any environment. Utilities can easily tailor and scale smart electricity, gas and water solutions to meet their project goals, as well as unique service territory and terrain requirements; regulatory models; and operational structures.

Above all, Silver Spring’s solution suite is designed to help utilities improve operational efficiencies and provide a superior customer experience. With this unwavering focus, we build and deliver the key technologies that are needed to modernize and connect tomorrow’s critical infrastructure networks, including:

  • A powerful and connected smart grid infrastructure. Working in tandem, smart metering devices, in-home devicesdistribution automation (DA) devices and the network infrastructure create an automated, highly redundant network with unmatched coverage and security. Powered by Silver Spring’s firmware, these smart devices ensure the scalability and performance to support smart grid platform initiatives spanning across millions of intelligent endpoints.
  • A comprehensive application suite. The Silver Spring UtilityIQ® application suite includes advanced metering; outage detection; voltage monitoring; demand response; network management; and more. Additionally, support for standard web services assures seamless integration into a utility’s back-office applications.
  • An advanced consumer engagement smart grid platform. The Silver Spring CustomerIQ™ consumer engagement smart grid platform helps utilities clearly and effectively communicate with their customers about their electricity, gas and water usage and costs to improve and enhance management of efficiency programs.
  • Professional smart grid services and support. Silver Spring offers customized smart services, giving utilities support options that cover a project’s complete life cycle – from plan to build to run – so utilities can achieve success at every stage of the project and meet business goals on time and on budget.