The Industry’s First Unified Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform

The Silver Spring Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform provides an open and standards-based foundation that brings together and connects all of the advanced technologies and services that are needed to build a modernized smart grid. The smart grid requires seamlessly integrated products and services to deliver the highest performance possible. Silver Spring supports all third-party devices, so utilities can select and confidently use the products they want knowing everything will operate together as it should. This Silver Spring guarantee has helped utilities successfully deliver smart grid programs and initiatives – from advanced metering to distribution automation to demand-side management – for more than 10 years. 

The Unified Smart Energy Platform is Here

The Silver Spring Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform consists of the most proven and comprehensive product offerings available for the smart grid network, including:

  • Metering devices – through integration of its Communications Module into third-party electricity, gas and water meters, Silver Spring ensures connectivity between the utility, businesses and the home area network (HAN);
  • DA devices – next-generation communicating FCIs, transformer monitors, and Bridges that allow utilities to improve grid reliability;
  • In-home devices – third-party devices, such as communicating thermostats, load control switches, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, that help consumers manage their consumption; and
  • Network technology – grid routers and signal repeaters, for example, which enable utilities to cost-effectively network their grid devices.

All of the above smart infrastructure network hardware is fully supported and enhanced through a full suite of Silver Spring software solutions, including:

  • UtilityIQ® applications – back-office software for meter management, outage detection, demand response (DR), voltage monitoring and other smart grid applications;
  • CustomerIQ™ consumer engagement – allowing utilities to customize and deliver innovative programs enabling consumers to better understand and manage their own electricity, gas and water usage;
  • SilverLink™ Sensor Network – real-time performance analytics, monitoring and alerts to give utilities the most insight into their smart grid network and applications; and
  • GridScape management software – software for configuring, securing and managing all of the devices on the Silver Spring network.

Through one powerful IPv6 network, Silver Spring supports a multitude of hardware devices and applications. The end result is a modernized and fully interconnected smart infrastructure network that lets utilities and cities run more efficiently; makes consumers happier; reduces costs; and protects the planet at the same time.

Silver Spring is continuously expanding the range of devices supported on our network. You can read more about our ecosystem partners and products being integrated on the Silver Spring Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform here.