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Enabling the Internet of Important Things™

Reliably and securely connecting things that matter.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), a growing array of devices and applications have begun to play vital role in helping people live well and organizations thrive. They include preserving the safety and well-being of entire communities, making more efficient use of our limited natural resources, tracking and managing high-value corporate assets, and ensuring that critical services are delivered on time, all the time.

To power these critical IoT applications, organizations must be able to rely on networks that are always connected yet stringently protected. Cost-effective yet high-performance. Flexible, yet reliable. Easy to deploy, yet resilient and scalable.

These applications, and the networks that enable them, make up the Internet of Important Things™. And they will increasingly define qualify of life for millions of people around the world, while helping to ensure that large organizations operate cost-effectively and efficiently.

At Silver Spring Networks, we understand what it takes to enable critical IoT applications, because we’ve been doing it for more than a decade. We done it by leveraging a unique combination of strengths found nowhere else in the industry, and by building our solutions around recognized Internet standards.


Our solutions are:
  • Cost-effective. Offered as both private and public cloud networks, Silver Spring’s platform reduces TCO and risk over years.
  • Reliable and high-performance: A single wireless mesh network eliminates the single point of failure and other vulnerabilities that plague too many IoT networks, while customers benefit from the best combination of throughput, range and latency.
  • Resilient and secure: Silver Spring’s platform works with virtually any connectable device, protects data with military grade security, and is designed to “just work” – with 99+ percent reliability.
  • Comprehensive. Our long history of successful deployments and our broad ecosystem of hardware and software developers enable us to deliver complete solutions that address the current and future needs of an array of customers.
  • We build IoT networks designed to work for decades.

Organizations that harness the possibilities of the Internet of Important Things will transform their businesses and communities, unleashing unparalleled innovation. At Silver Spring, we’re connecting them with that future.

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Built on a Solid Foundation

Leadership Team

Michael Bell

President, CEO and Board Member

Rick Arnold

General Counsel and Secretary

Philippe Gaglione

Executive Vice President, Research and Development

Catriona Fallon

Chief Financial Officer

Ayse Ildeniz

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Whalen

SVP & GM, Americas

Don Reeves

Chief Technology Officer

Terri Stynes

Chief Human Resources Officer

Raj Vaswani


Board of Directors

Scott A. Lang

Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman

Michael Bell

President, CEO and Board Member

Dr. Laura D. Tyson

Board Member

Warren M. Weiss

Board Member

Thomas R. Kuhn

Board Member

Richard A. Simonson

Board Member

Jonathan Schwartz

Board Member

Thomas H. Werner

Board Member

Peter Van Camp

Board Member

Commitment to the Environment

In a world facing the effects of climate change and resource scarcity, we believe part of our role is to help communities and organizations reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, respond quickly to emergencies, and enhance public safety.

Together with our employees, our products, and our entire partner ecosystem, we are working to create a better, healthier and safer environment for people everywhere.


Social Responsibility

One thing that we are sure of, no matter how good our deeds are, a collective effort always has more impact. That’s why we have unveiled a set of programs that guides our actions today and into the future, we call it the Silver Spring Foundation. The foundation is another way we reflect our values and our social commitment.

Community Grant: This program will create a unique opportunity for Silver Spring to engage with our customers, partners and employees to work together towards a common goal and with a sense of shared values.

Outreach: This program aspires to touch developing areas of the world raising awareness around clean energy, thereby improving health through integrated renewable energy and reduced dependency on fossil fuels.

Green: This program is focused on continuing to improve our work and local environment. From recycling and composting in every break room to ensuring we have fewer disposable items in our kitchens. Larger projects will include green certifying our business, and developing measures of our success in reducing our carbon footprint.

Community: This program looks to engage employees in scientifically and economically sound activities and programs that work to enhance the global communities in which we live, work, and do business.

A Partner to the Environment

Through partnership with cities, utilities, and companies, Silver Spring hopes to make a lasting impact on energy consumption around the world, by increasing the efficiency of the grid and empowering consumers to track and reduce their use of energy, gas and water.

Power Over Energy is an energy literacy initiative focused on educating, empowering, and motivating us to make smart decisions about the way we use electricity. Since we launched in 2013, our social media campaign has reached over 100 million consumers and built and engaged a vibrant global community primarily through Facebook. The initiative is backed by a coalition of business, nonprofit, and government organizations united in the desire to increase awareness about the wide-reaching impact of our current energy consumption, the benefits of energy efficiency, and the importance of modernizing the electricity grid. See our latest news and full list of coalition members below.

If you would like to learn how you can make an immediate impact, visit the following sites: