One Connected Network Solution

A Proven Network Connecting Everything That’s Critical

One network connecting utilities, cities and millions of lives,
delivering the intelligence to power a brilliant future

We’ve all heard the promise. An Internet of Things. One seamless connection linking cities, households, products, services, systems and lives as never before. And the first stage is here, thanks to an open, secure, standards-based networking platform, proven at scale, around the globe.

Today, Silver Spring Networks helps global utilities and cities connect, optimize, and manage smart energy and smart city infrastructure. Costs are coming down. Reliability is spiking. And with new technologies like quarter-sized sensors equipped with up to 20 year battery life, there’s nowhere a smart, connected future can’t reach.

At Silver Spring Networks, we’re connecting what’s critical to turn the Internet of Things on—delivering the intelligence to power a brilliant future.

Since 2002, we’ve been an established leader, innovating networking technologies to securely connect consumers and utility providers. Powerful and proven Silver Spring smart grid networks easily expand as needs evolve and enable utilities to gain operational efficiencies, improve grid reliability, and empower consumers to monitor and manage energy and water consumption. Our pioneering IPv6 networking platform, with more than 22 million Silver Spring enabled devices delivered, is connecting utilities to homes and businesses throughout the world. Cities worldwide are looking to modernize their infrastructures. They are turning to Silver Spring Networks for its deep networking experience, robust partner ecosystem and open Network-as-a-Service platform to gain competitive advantage and deliver community value for their connected cities. Open standards-based solutions enable all energy and water devices, from in-home energy devices to smart meters to load control devices, to connect together to deliver the highest performance possible.

Our goal is greater energy efficiency for individuals, utilities, cities and the planet.

To do it, we’ve assembled a powerful coalition of utility, cable, telecommunications and information technology leaders who foster and contribute to a dynamic work environment. Our Board of Directors combines some of the industry’s most insightful, forward-thinking leaders with well-known figures in capital markets.

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Built on a Solid Foundation

Leadership Team


Michael Bell

President, CEO and Board Member


Rick Arnold

General Counsel and Secretary


Eric Dresselhuys

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Global Development


Philippe Gaglione

Executive Vice President, Research and Development


Ken Gianella

Interim Chief Financial Officer


Ayse Ildeniz

Chief Operating Officer


Dave Whalen

Senior Vice President,
Client Delivery


Don Reeves

Chief Technology Officer


Terri Stynes

Chief Human Resources Officer


Raj Vaswani


Board of Directors

Scott A. Lang

Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman

Michael Bell

President, CEO and Board Member

Dr. Laura D. Tyson

Board Member

Warren M. Weiss

Board Member

Thomas R. Kuhn

Board Member

Richard A. Simonson

Board Member

Jonathan Schwartz

Board Member

Thomas H. Werner

Board Member

Peter Van Camp

Board Member

Commitment to the Environment

In view of worldwide trends such as climate change and resource scarcity, a business focused on smart grid and smart city networking solutions like Silver Spring can impact these trends. Together with our employees, our products, and our partners, we will create a better, healthier, and safer environment for people everywhere.


Social Responsibility

One thing that we are sure of, no matter how good our deeds are, a collective effort always has more impact. That’s why we have unveiled a set of programs that guides our actions today and into the future, we call it the Silver Spring Foundation. The foundation is another way we reflect our values and our social commitment.

Community Grant: This program will create a unique opportunity for Silver Spring to engage with our customers, partners and employees to work together towards a common goal and with a sense of shared values.

Outreach: This program aspires to touch developing areas of the world raising awareness around clean energy, thereby improving health through integrated renewable energy and reduced dependency on fossil fuels.

Green: This program is focused on continuing to improve our work and local environment. From recycling and composting in every break room to ensuring we have fewer disposable items in our kitchens. Larger projects will include green certifying our business, and developing measures of our success in reducing our carbon footprint.

Community: This program looks to engage employees in scientifically and economically sound activities and programs that work to enhance the global communities in which we live, work, and do business.

Consumer Awareness

In 2010, Silver Spring, together with EDC, created the first smart grid curriculum. This program is one of the first global educational programs designed to increase the general public’s understanding of smart energy and help prepare the next generation for the benefits of the smart grid.

A Smart Energy Future curriculum, which is available free to educators, is designed to help teachers, students, their families and their communities understand how the smart grid can address the nation’s energy challenges. It also enables students to see how the smart grid may present career and professional opportunities in a fast growing, technological industry and be on the cutting edge of a worldwide energy transformation. The program is designed for K-12 education.

Additionally, Silver Spring is working with multiple NGOs around the world to raise awareness of smart energy and the environment. We are working with the following groups to educate and energize people about the possibility of a more sustainable future:

A Partner to the Environment

Through partnership with the utilities, Silver Spring hopes to make a lasting impact on energy consumption around the world, by increasing the efficiency of the grid and empowering consumers to track and reduce their use of energy, gas and water.

If you would like to learn how you can make an immediate impact, visit the following sites:

“According to Flex Your Power, California’s statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach campaign, an office building with 50,000 square feet can reduce operating costs by $40,000 per year through no-cost and low-cost actions.”